Grow with The Body Workshop Dance


From Cheeky Feet to Seniors...

Many of our dancers begin their journey at The Body Workshop Dance as small children in the Cheeky Feet Classes. Pupils then progress through the school with age whilst their dance technique and performance improves. We are always delighted to watch this growth and because our pupils stay with us for so long, your child will make plenty of friends along the way!

Classes Overview


1) Cheeky Feet

Small inclusive dance classes for 1- 5 year olds, Cheeky Feet fosters the growth of confidence physically and socially in young children.


2) JBT (Jazz, Ballet, Tap)

For Year 1 only, this class is for children to learn the techniques of Jazz, Ballet and Tap before choosing which genre(s) they would like to pursue.


3) Jazz (Year 2+)

Jazz is a fun and exciting class that covers a variety of dance styles from musical theatre to street dance.


4) Ballet (Year 2+)

Ballet focuses on technique and creativity to support all styles of dance.


5) Tap (Year 2+)

A dynamic class which focuses on developing rhythm and intricate footwork.

Contemporary classes

6) Contemporary (Year 5+)

Contemporary focuses on graceful and creative movement and builds on previously learnt skills.


7) Limbering (Year 9+)

Limbering classes are for those who would like to improve their strength and flexibility.


8) Performance Groups (Year 10+)

Pupils are invited to join our performance groups as recognition of their dedication and strong technique.

Adult tap.jpg

9) Adult Tap (18+)

Our adult classes are great for keeping the body and mind healthy whilst enjoying dance.